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We have deleted a user account (and subsequently their Exchange Online mailbox) in our Office 365 organization.We didn't feel there was a need to export their Outlook OST contents to a PST file for local archiving.Anyone with physical access to your Pi could login with these widely known credentials.Furthermore, if you have enabled the SSH server, users on the local network could do the same.If you notice any differences with the way MS is handling mailboxes of a deleted user as you read this please leave a comment and I will update the answer.) I'll only cover the options within the scope of the administrative options of Office 365 itself.If you have 3rd party offerings or solutions in place you'll need to contact them for assistance.First, we have to determine if the deleted mailbox still falls within the retention period.

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SO..recommendation is to place every mailbox you have on either Litigation Hold or if your Legal/Compliance puts a restriction on something so permanent, at least an In-Place hold before deleting a mailbox/user in Office 365, especially if they are an employee that sends/receives business critical emails or sensitive information.

Caution: Changing the name of the “pi” user will cause a couple of the features of the raspi-config script to stop working, namely the option 2 to change pi’s password (the “passwd” command can easily be used instead), and option 3 to change the boot environment.

It will also prevent menu item “Menu-Raspberry Pi Configuration” (the graphical equivalent of raspi-config) from running altogether.

Inactive mailboxes can't receive email and aren't displayed in your organization's shared address book or other lists.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the hold is in place BEFORE deleting the mailbox.

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